23 Hiking Puns That'll Be "Hill-arious" at the Summit

Are you a hiker, climber, camper, or backpacker looking to spruce up your hiking-joke arsenal? Yes, corny hiking quotes are wonderful, but what about adding some epic hiking puns to your wheelhouse? I am sure that backpacking to the summit of Everest is a lot more enjoyable with some funny hiking puns to lighten your load. No matter if you love hiking or a or a hiking novice, make your next outdoor adventure way pun-ier with our list of best hiking puns.

Be sure to check out this list on your next road trip so that you can whip them out when you go adventuring in the National Park backcountry. Who knows, maybe you or your hipster friend will find the perfect Instagram caption for that breathtaking pic you take on the trail. Let's be real, hiking captions on Instagram are way more "like-able" when funny puns are involved.

23 Hiking Puns to Lighten Your Load

1. Oh you know, I am just a-hiking boot

2. It's springtime, I am making some flower moves

3. There's snow way that today could have been better

4. I am becoming quite the brookworm

5. Green is moss def my favorite color

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6. (Water)falls to the walls

7. Always follow your streams

8. Cash me outside

9. It was all a stream

10. Tree your mind

11. Nothing comes between me and my treedom

12. Feeling Pine

13. This view is unbe-leaf-able

14. This place makes me feel Oak-ay

15. I'll cross the stream, whether low or high water

16. Let's get some s'more hiking in

17. Eye canyon see how grand it is

18. I don't have service but you can Wi-Fi me in the woods

19. I'm so excited about hiking that I almost wet my plants.

20. May the forest be with you

21. Maybe they're born with it. Maybe it's maple leaves.

22. Mountains aren't just funny. they're hill areas.

23. Netflix and chill? More like trail mix and hills.

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