22 Adventure Puns That Are "Shore" to Shake Things Up

When you're out on a new adventure, punny dad jokes are a great way to pass the time, break the ice, and let everyone know exactly how nerdy you are. We've been around the world and encountered a lot of funny jokes along the way. From t-shirts to Instagram captions, there's a staggering amount of wordplay one comes across in the wild.

Since decent people don't have the time to comb through a thousand pics and memes to separate the regular old travel quotes from the premium zingers, we've done the work for you. Below you'll find 22 of the best travel puns and jokes we've come across during our adventures.

Why 22 adventure puns instead of 20? What would we want with twenty-four? Consider this a test and a warning. As you can tell, we prefer even numbers. The others are just odd.

Some Adventures Are a Real Pun-ishment


1. If someone you're adventuring with is worried about doing something, offer them an Altoid or Tic-Tac and tell them they looked like they need some encourage-mint.

That being said, please don't encourage anyone to do anything dangerous.

2. As long as llamas and alpacas are still popular, feel free to answer any call to adventure with "Adventure? Alpaca my bags." Of course, this works way better when it's the caption of a picture of an alpaca and everyone else knows adventure is calling you.

Context is everything.

3. Moving on: Don't you hate when you're out on an adventure your dad paid for and he refers to himself as Indiana Loans?

4. That actually reminds us: Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm and leg on an adventure?

No worries! He's all right now!

5. If you're on a road trip and Led Zepplin's "All of my love" comes on AND you happen to have olives on hand as a snack, consider singing "olive my love" to the olives.

Your friends and family might think you're crazy, but the olives will surely appreciate it.

6. At any rate, be careful telling adventure jokes like these in communal quarters. You don't want to create a hostel atmosphere.

You're Shore Love These Beach Adventure Puns

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7. Seas the day with some of these beach adventure puns.

8. For those that love to live that single life, take a picture of the beach at high tide and post it online. Let everyone know you won't let yourself be "tide down."

9. Create a social media post of a tropical beach and add the photo caption, "tropic like it's hot." Everyone will get the reference to the famous Snoop Dogg song, and if they don't, you can just drop the topic. Like it's hot.

10. We know what you're thinking: "Water you doing to me?"

11. Sorry, but you should know it's pun sea-sun by now.

12. However, we can understand if you don't give in to the pier-pressure.

These Adventure Puns Put the "Camp" in Camping

13. | Camper A: "Wow, look! A shooting star!" | Camper B: "Oh, neat! I love Star Wars!" |

14. Take a picture of your pet pretty much anywhere you're camping. Post it online and add the caption: It's a wonder-fur world.

15. There's more and more wifi available in outdoor areas these day, and this has some folks up in arms. If you know someone like this, just shrug your shoulders and say, wifi(t) it?

See what I did there? Like "why fight it"? What's that? You did see what I did there? I should just stop now?

Okay. I'm stopping.

On to the next pun!

16. Share this nugget around the campfire:

A wise person wanted to know the secret of life. They climbed the tallest mountain in the world and sat on its peak overnight. When morning came, the answer finally dawned on them.

Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck.

17. I think that's all the jokes we have about mountain adventures... but believe us, the rest are hill-areas.

Break the Ice with These Coldblooded Adventure Puns

We probably owe you some cold weather adventure puns. After all:

18. With great powder, comes great responsibility.

19. When you're camping and you make a snow cave to sleep in, be sure to let all of your fellow campers know that you love snowBOARDING. If they don't know that "boarding" is a synonym for accommodations, like a room, be sure to explain that to them.

Jokes are always funnier when you explain them (sarcasm).

20. We know what you're thinking: "I'm getting snowboard of these puns."

21. Seriously, there's SNOW way these cold weather adventure puns could get any worse.

22. Sorry, we digress:

Your friend is limping because they slipped on some frozen ground. Ask them why they're limping. When they explain their situation, say "Icy."

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