Kovu The Bobcat Snuggles With Cat Best Friend

?Cats love to play, but a bobcat and cat cuddling? Now there's something you don't see every day. 

Wild cats have long been a fascinating topic for pet owners. These exotic critters are not legal in many states but can be visited at big cat rescues. However, in some states owning a lynx, serval, or bobcat is not too different than owning a conventional house cat, like Alabama, Nevada, North and South Carolina, and Wisconsin. In others, you need to fill out some paperwork, house retrofitting requirements, and licensing information.

For some pet owners, these wild animals become trusted family members. For TikTok user Jaden Bradley, who has a couple of these cute animals, they have become best friends with the cats in the house. Despite their many funny cat videos, the sweetest might just be the videos where the bobcat and cat cuddle.

Bobcat Kitten and Orange Tabby Cat Snuggle

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In an adorable video, a bobcat kitten, Kovu, and his house cat Mango, cuddle in a chair. In the trending video, the pair look like they are having a blast hanging out with one another and snuggling. However, as the bobcat and cat cuddle, the video morphs into the present day with a much larger Kovu and a same-sized Mango. The cute cats still cuddle together, but Kovu is quite a bit bigger than his buddy.

The two cats act like the perfect house pet pair. Granted, they grew up together and are familiar with one another. However, taking a rescued bobcat and pairing it with a house cat or a stray cat and pairing it with your bobcat may not work out as well. It's obvious that these two boys are used to one another and love each other very much.

TikTok users love this pair, and Kovu's sister Waffles can also be seen on their page. Nick Gurr comments, "He really gave Garfield a hug, didn't he." While Carlos chimes in, "Still a cuddly kitty."

Though I think Wesley hit the nail on the head with his comment, "Dis my baby, and ain't nobody fixing to touch him!"

The big cats go for walks on leashes, play in the snow, and with their other pet family members, including a couple of other house cats and a dog.

Is Owning A Bobcat Legal? 

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While it may be adorable, owning a bobcat is a lot of work and comes with sharp claws, growls, and a huge jump span- not to mention a diet of raw meat. It's also not legal in all 50 states. States like California and New York have outlawed the ownership of any exotic pet, while some other states require licensing and a permit to own your very own bobcat fluff ball. Only a handful allow you to just bring one home like you would a cat or a dog.

If you live in one of the states that do not allow these beautiful wild animals to be owned, you may want to consider a Maine coon. These beautiful cats look like a bobcat or lynx and have quite the personality but without the potentially lethal claws and instincts.

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