12 Beautiful Animals Found in the U.S. & Around The World

Meet twelve of the most beautiful animals in the world!

These mesmerizing animals include wild cats, big cats, endangered species, and animals that change color or have bright colors. They are often popular in animal photography and live in places like the Pacific Ocean, North and South America, and even Southeast Asia. Animal pictures abound on places like Shutterstock, and while pics of baby animals and funny animals often appear on stock image sites due to the cuteness factor, gorgeous animals like the ones below can be found as well.

6 Beautiful Animals Found In the United States

1. Snowy Owl

A huge and powerful owl found in the high Arctic tundra. In the summer, it may be nomadic, congregating and breeding in areas with significant concentrations of tiny rodents known as lemmings. In the early spring, a male owl protects his territory with powerful hooting. They prefer an elevated place for nesting, such as a mound or ridge in hilly regions, or a hummock in low-lying areas, with good sight.

2. Mantis

Mantids are lethal predators that catch and eat a wide range of insects and other tiny prey. They have a "neck" that permits the head to swivel 180 degrees while they wait for a meal. Mantids' camouflage coloring allows them to blend in with the environment as they sit on twigs and branches ready to ambush victims.

3. Albino Alligators

Albino alligators do not have the ability to contain melanin in their blood. This lack of pigment causes their skin to be yellowish white and their eyes to be pinkish. Most albino Alligators in the animal kingdom do not reach maturity because they lack the ability to disguise themselves, making them an easy target in the wild.

4. Northern Cardinal

The northern cardinal (also called a redbird) is a medium-sized songbird. It has a characteristic crest on the head and a mask on the face that is black in the male and gray in the female. The male is a bright red, while the female has a reddish olive tint. These beautiful birds can be found from southeastern Canada to the eastern United States, from Maine, to Minnesota, to Texas.

5. Black Bear

The American black bear is the smallest and most extensively dispersed bear species on the continent. It is one of only two bear species that are not worldwide threatened with extinction. American black bears are omnivores, with diets that vary widely according to season and place. They are occasionally drawn to human populations because there is always food available.

6. American Goldfinch

The American goldfinch is a tiny bird of the finch family native to North America. During the mating season, it migrates from mid-Alberta to North Carolina. The male is a brilliant yellow in the summer and an olive hue in the winter, while the female is a drab yellow-brown hue that only marginally brightens in the summer. This species is usually monogamous and only has one brood per year.

Beautiful Creatures Found Around the World

1. Bengal Tiger

Bengal tigers are both Bangladesh's and India's national animals. They are one of the world's largest cat species. Bengal tigers outnumber all other tiger subspecies on the Indian subcontinent. The wild Bengal tiger population is threatened, but conservation efforts are not keeping up with the poaching, deforestation, and human encroachment that has ravaged wild tiger habitats.

2. Black Dolphin

The Chilean dolphin is small, measuring about 1.7 m (5.6 ft) in length and having a blunt skull. It has 28-34 pairs of teeth in the upper jaw and 29-33 pairs of teeth in the lower jaw.The dolphin's girth can extend up to two-thirds of its length. They are found nowhere else on the planet and do not migrate or leave their natural habitats.

3. Mandarin Fish

The 'mandarinfish' is found throughout the Pacific, from the Ryukyu Islands to Australia. It is a small, colorful member of the dragonet family that is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade.

4. Panda


The panda, with its iconic black and white coat, is adored around the world and is regarded as a national treasure in China. Pandas spend much of their time in temperate forests high in the mountains of southwest China. A newborn panda is about the size of a stick of butter, but female pandas can weigh up to 200 pounds.

5. White Tiger

Pheomelanin, which is present in Bengal tigers with orange fur, is absent in white Bengal tigers. White male tigers can grow to be 3 meters (9.8 ft) long and weigh 200 to 230 kilograms (440 to 510 lbs). To have a white Bengal tiger, both parents must have the rare gene for white coloring, which occurs naturally only about once in 10,000 births. Several hundred white tigers are kept in captivity around the world, with about a hundred in India.

6. Siberian Husky

The almond-shaped eyes of the Siberian Husky can be brown or blue and communicate a sharp but kind look. Siberians are recognized for their strong yet seemingly easy pace. They are quick and nimble-footed. The breed is also very hyperactive and can't stop chasing tiny animals, therefore a secure running area is essential.

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