Goliath Grouper
YouTube: BlacktipH

BlacktipH and Dude Perfect Team Up to Battle Monstrous Goliath Groupers

The boys from Dude Perfect battle giant goliath groupers.

The goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara) is one of the largest and most intimidating looking creatures swimming around in the Eastern and Western Atlantic Ocean today. These critically endangered lunkers range throughout the Florida Keys, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean where they use their large mouths to swallow up sea turtles, barracuda, snappers, sharks and whatever else they can fit in their mouths.

While they are protected in the waters of the United States, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) does allow catch and release fishing. And no one is better at pulling these large fish off the shipwrecks and artificial reefs they call home than our favorite saltwater fishing YouTuber Josh Jorgensen, aka: BlacktipH.

Today, he's teaming up with some other popular Youtubers, Dude Perfect, to see if they have what it takes to battle these monsters. In typical fashion, BlacktipH seems to take a lot of joy in watching these anglers in the battle of their lives.

"No! I don't want a giant!"

We had a good laugh with that line. After all, there aren't many fishermen and women who say that before tossing a fishing line in the water! No matter how many times we watch Josh take people out on his boat to do this, we are always amazed at the large size of these giant ocean predators. Goliaths have a slow growth rate, but once they reach a certain size, there is nothing in the ocean that can touch them.

It's awesome that the ecosystems and fisheries for this species are being preserved and that more and more people are venturing out into the Eastern Atlantic Ocean to see these fish and experience their raw power for themselves. The more people see these wonders of the ocean, the more they will want to protect them for future generations to enjoy.

Before you make fun of these guys for struggling with these fish, just know that Josh has had some of the best pro athletes and body builders in the world in the boat with him after goliaths before. The result is always the same. They may boat the fish, but not before calling it the toughest physical challenge of their lives!

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