Goliath Grouper
YouTube: Blacktip H

500+ Pound Goliath Grouper Pushes Determined Angler to the Limit

Giant goliath grouper will test any angler's skills!

There are all sorts of monster fish lurking within the ocean's depths and many of them will push an angler's strength and skills to their limits. That it is just what happens today in one of the latest videos from our favorite saltwater fishing guru, Blacktip H on YouTube.

Josh Jorgensen is no stranger to giant fish and this trip turns into a great one. He starts things off by putting his friend Ben on a huge Dusky shark.

Normally, that fish would be enough to make anyone's day or year. However, they up things one better by then hooking Ben into a massive goliath grouper estimated to be over 500 pounds. This is a tank of a fish you must see to believe.

Now that was an incredible day on the water! One thing is for sure, Josh never fails to deliver an amazing experience for his guests when they go out saltwater fishing with him. We have seen people catch some big goliath groupers from his boat before, but this one of the larger specimens. They just could not keep that rod off the gunnel once these dinosaurs of the deep decide to make a run!

In the video description, Josh notes that his boat is 33 feet long and his grouper dragged it around like a bathtub toy. The description also states this fish managed to pull over 100 pounds of drag. That is just insane to think about. It is a testament to how muscular and powerful these fish are.

This fish was huge, but the crazy thing is, it is nowhere near the all-tackle world record. The record, as recognized by the IGFA was a 680-pound beast caught by Lynn Joyner back in 1961. For now, that record is unbreakable since anglers are not allowed to keep goliath groupers in Florida anymore, but at least people can still catch-and-release giants like this. It helps give a whole new level of appreciation for these animals once one has felt their raw strength first hand!

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