Goliath Grouper
YouTube: BlacktipH

Goliath Grouper Pulls Angler Overboard During Unhooking Attempt

This grouper weighs more than the lightweight boat they're using!

Saltwater guru BlacktipH is always seeking out new and awesome challenges while out on the water. Today, Josh is using a tiny 550-pound boat, and he and his friend, Max McKinley, decide to try and catch a fish that weighs more than that. In this case, the best chance of trying to catch a fish that size is to tangle with a huge goliath grouper.

These giant fish grow to colossal sizes and put up a fight that has pushed even the strongest humans on the planet to their absolute limit.

In this case, Josh and his buddy ended up hand lining a goliath grouper that's so big, it pulls the tiny boat around like a bath toy and gives Josh quite the scare when he tries to remove the hook!

Holy goliath grouper, Batman! We've seen Josh tangle with some big groupers in the past, but that was definitely one of the biggest. Hand-lining groupers at the side of the boat like this just looks like one of the most heart-stopping fishing experiences one could have. And that was before the fish pulled him in the water!

Did you notice that other old, rusty hook in the grouper's mouth? This isn't the first time this fish has given someone the thrill of a lifetime. Probably will not be the last either.

Josh was extremely lucky he didn't get tangled in the line when the grouper pulled him overboard. Fortunately, Max was there to back him up. A fish of that size could easily drag you down with it. Awesome catch, guys. That's one you'll remember for a lifetime!

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