recycle bait challenge
YouTube: BlacktipH

BlacktipH Chases Goliath Groupers in Recycle Bait Challenge

This video shows how beneficial it is to save and recycle bait.

BlacktipH host Josh Jorgensen is no stranger to big-game saltwater fish. He's accrued quite the following over the years, thanks largely to his many Goliath grouper videos.

Many of them feature a famous guest star, who follows Jorgensen's lead in catching fresh bonitos to use as bait. This time was different, though. In an effort to make some room in his freezer, he decided to challenge his friend Ryan Nitz to a gritty competition.

The Recycle Bait Challenge, imagined by Jorgensen, only allows participants to use old, recycled bait instead of fresh-caught fish. But how well will it work? How much bait does Jorgensen have anyway?

Watch the video below:

As you can see, this bait looks old as all get out. The stingray looks ancient at this point and there's virtually nothing left on that cobia. Yet, these guys have no problem whatsoever hooking into some monsters!

It's hard to believe how aggressive Goliath groupers can be, as not only will they eat just about anything but they absolutely trash it, too!

I don't know about y'all, but this video makes me feel stupid for ever throwing old bait away. I need to start keeping bait in the freezer and save a few dollars this year!

Have you ever tried to recycle bait like this? Has it worked this well? Let us know!