drunk guy
YouTube: Alex Moyer

Drunk Man Tries to Fight Angler for Fishing Private Lake

Dealing with drunk people is never fun.

We all have a story about a drunk person who just wouldn't quit. Heck, many of us can reluctantly admit we've been that person once or twice. However, those stories usually come from an unfortunate situation at a bar or a party.

This particular story was different, and this time it was all caught on camera.

A YouTube fisherman by the name of Alex Moyer was fishing a private lake on in what seems to be a golf course community. What starts as a great afternoon a fishing quickly escalates (or deteriorates) into a never-ending battle with a drunken pedestrian who refuses to back down.

As you're about to see, this guy persists all the way to the point of challenging then-22-year-old Moyer to a fist fight.

Watch the video below:

First and foremost, we have to give Moyer props for not throwing a haymaker at this guy. I don't personally think I would've had the self-control. However, Moyer stayed strong, realizing what's obvious to any spectator: this guy's absolutely not worth it.

It's worth noting, though, this guy might have actually been making a good point. From everything we can see in this video, there's a good chance Moyer was trespassing though someone's property. This guy was just too drunk to articulate a single sound thought.

If I was Moyer, I would've called the cops myself just to watch that guy try and make his case. Additionally, if this guy would've tried to fight again, I think the only option is to punch him or, at the bare minimum, whip him with a fishing rod.

I hope he returned to that lake at some point and went fishing again!