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3 of the Strongest Women in the World Take on Goliath Groupers

Goliath Grouper
YouTube: BlacktipH

Three of the strongest women in the world tangle with goliath grouper, who wins?

A while back, Josh Jorgensen, aka: "BlacktipH" on YouTube did one of his most entertaining videos yet when he took three of the strongest men in the world out on his boat to tangle with huge goliath groupers that hang in the deep waters off the coast of Florida.

If you remember that video, it was a true testament to the strength of these giants of deep. Even the dudes who lift huge weights and work out all day struggled to not be pulled overboard with each swipe of the grouper's tail.

Josh decided to make another video like this again this year. Only this time, he's pitting three of the strongest women in the world against the power of one of the ocean's greatest predators. In his boat today he has world champion arm wrestler Sarah Backman, fitness expert Kristen Nun and world record weightlifter Stefanie Cohen. As you'll soon see, these ladies are powerhouses, but even they find themselves worn out by one of the strongest fish in the ocean!

Now that was a fun saltwater fishing video. These ladies caught some real monsters on this trip and the big fish pushed them to the absolute limit. They did a great job of keeping that rod off the gunwale, a challenge that Josh likes to issue to anyone who boards his boat.

We have now seen Josh motor a plethora of professional bodybuilders and professional athletes out to tangle with these fish. Every single time Josh's guests are left gasping for air and totally blown away by the awesome power of the goliath grouper.

We also got a good laugh out of Josh's "I weigh 155, I'm a little guy. I don't go to the gym ever," line. We are starting to get the feeling he sets these things up simply so he can upstage professional athletes in a test of strength! He seems to get a lot of joy out of these trips with special guests.

At the end of the video Josh said they will be doing a battle of sexes next year with the strongest women vs the strongest men. We are already looking forward to that. It is certain to be a most epic showdown!

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3 of the Strongest Women in the World Take on Goliath Groupers