Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Deemed Legal for Deer Hunting in Maryland

Hunters in Maryland can now legally use the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow for deer hunting.

Maryland is just one of many states that now allow the use of the Crosman Benjamin Pioneer Airbow for their state's deer season.

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow has gained a lot of attention from hunters and archery shooters. Big names like Jim Shockey have used it to kill big game cleanly with ease.

What states now allow use of the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow? Crosman says Maryland, Arizona, Missouri, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington State allow its use for big game. Wild boar are fair game with the Airbow in Georgia, Florida and Texas.

Alligator hunting with the Airbow? You can do that in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Coyotes and other predatory animals are legal targets in over 30 states with this high tech weapon.

What can the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow actually do? It's known for firing eight shots in about the time it takes an average crossbow shooter to fire only three bolts. The speed reaches an impressive 450 FPS. This compressed air-driven weapon only needs two fingers to cock and decock. This makes handicapped or older hunters much more likely to enjoy hunting.

There is a lot of heat against this new technology. It appears to be facing what crossbow hunters have faced for decades. Some say it shoots way too much like a firearm. Others say it is not traditional among other concerns such as making hunting "too easy".

It appears at this point the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is here to stay and may gain new legal hunting grounds in the near future. What are your thoughts? Would you use one?