Is the Ravin R15 a True 100-Yard Crossbow? TWANGnBANG Tries One Out

Can a crossbow be useful way out at 100 yards away?

The Ravin R15 has already made big news in the archery world.

TWANGnBANG tests out the Ravin R15 to see if it indeed is a 100-yard crossbow.

My wife and I are avid crossbow hunters. Our last harvest was at 20 yards away. My maximum range I would trust my old Horton Crossbow to hit dead on is 30 yards distant. Longer shots are passed. The Ravin R15 Crossbow is promising so much more. They are touting accuracy at 100 yards away.

Twang N Bang got a chance at Shot Show 2017 to actually try out a Ravin R15 Crossbow. The target was way out there at 100 yards away. There was a cross wind. Well what you witness is absolutely amazing accuracy at that incredible distance. Seeing is believing.

If you are in the market for the best long distance crossbow money can buy the Ravin R15 certainly is on that short list.