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The New Ravin R15 Crossbow is Changing the Game

Ravin R15 crossbow

The new Ravin R15 crossbow is changing the game in crossbow hunting. The sleek new bow is fast and easy to use, but costs a pretty penny at $1550.

As a supporter of all forms of hunting, crossbow hunting is no exception. As an avid crossbow hunter myself, crossbows are deadly and accurate at long archery yardages resulting in a humane harvest.

With that said, I'm certain the Ravin R15 crossbow is the epitome of the crossbow culture.

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At a price point of $1,550, the bow shoots an arrow at 425 feet per second. The arrow floats above the rail, reducing friction and allowing such a speed.

The HeliCoil technology allows the bow to remain perfectly level when drawing and shooting.

The cams rotate 340 degrees, allowing for the reduced axle-to-axle width of only six inches.

It contains a Trac Trigger firing system. It also contains an ambidextrous versa-draw firing system. Similarly, it allows the shooter to un-cock the bow without firing it.

The total weight of the bow? Only 6.9-pounds.

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The New Ravin R15 Crossbow is Changing the Game