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This DIY Antler Shed Trap is Genius and Simple to Make

This do-it-yourself antler shed trap will make you wonder why you never thought of it. 

It's that time of the year again when bucks begin to drop their antlers and hunting season kicks back in! Not with a bow or a rifle, but with your eyes, friends, and maybe even man's best friend!

Yes, it's shed hunting season, and not the kind that houses your lawnmower in the backyard. The kind where you cover miles of ground maybe just to find one or two pieces of bone. The reality is you can increase the possibility of finding more sheds in a smaller amount of time with this genius do-it-yourself shed contraption, and it's safe too!

shed trap adjusted

This shed trap is very simple, in fact. First, all you need is a post, some bungy cords, anchors, bases, and feed. You then hook the bungy cords into an anchor screwed onto the post. The cords will then be stretched down and anchored into your base.

Anything can work as a base as long as the cords are hooked. In this picture, railroad ties act as the base. The feed, which can be corn, salt block, etc., is then placed inside the bases underneath the bungy cords.

The great thing about this shed trap is when a deer isn't ready to lose it's antlers, he can easily free himself from the bungies. If the bungies are loose enough, they might even break free. Otherwise when the deer pulls his head back, you'll know exactly where to find antler sheds next time you go searching.


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This DIY Antler Shed Trap is Genius and Simple to Make