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Watch This Man Hunt With a Crosman Pioneer Airbow

YouTube: ManagementAdvantage

What can the new Crosman Benjamin Pioneer Airbow actually do?

Well, it certainly can take deer down with ease.

The new Crosman Benjamin Pioneer Airbow uses both air rifle and archery technology.

The Airbow shoots arrows at around 450 fps and is said to have 2-inch accuracy at 50 yards. Now that's a deer-killing combination! This new technology just might be your next purchase.

See the new Crosman Benjamin Pioneer Airbow take down deer in this video.

There's some controversy among sportsmen as to how this technology may change hunting for the good or bad in the future. This was the same question when crossbows were new on the market.

Check all state and federal game laws before employing any weapon for hunting in your area.



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Watch This Man Hunt With a Crosman Pioneer Airbow