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This Homemade Bullpup Sniper Airbow is Awesome

Jorg Sprave's homemade Bullpup Sniper Airbow is just incredible.

Made from plumbing parts, this air rifle shoots full-sized arrows.

Watch this video and see one very incredible homemade Bullpup Sniper Airbow.

The Slingshot Channel always has some great ideas. Jorg Sprave is an absolute genius when it comes to homemade weapons designs.

This homemade Bullpup Sniper Airbow might be his best creation yet. It will fire a full-size arrow from a full pressure of 600 psi. It also has great accuracy due to a mounted scope. What an incredible weapon made from plumbing parts at home.

When you think you have seen it all you certainly have not.  You are in for a treat when you see what Mr. Sprave has created through his weaponry ingenuousness.


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This Homemade Bullpup Sniper Airbow is Awesome