Full Auto .22
YouTube: Top Shot Dustin

Belt-Fed, Full-Auto .22LR is a Plinker's Dream Come True

This belt-fed .22 lr looks like too much fun.

Everyone loves .22 long rifle. It's a low recoil round that's usually cheap to shoot and perfect for training someone new to shooting in the basics of safety. However, this round is also beloved by even the most experienced of shooters just for being fun at the target range. Case in point this belt-fed .22 lr machine gun being showcased by YouTuber Top Shot Dustin.

Watch as he puts this fascinating and discontinued firearms build through the paces, burning through hundreds of rounds of .22 lr in only a few minutes. It takes some design features from the classic Browning 1919 .30 caliber machine gun that will be obvious to military guns enthusiasts.

This gun may not be very practical, but that isn't going to stop us from wishing we could own one. Just watch the video to see what we mean because action speaks louder than words. He even uses this gun to cut down a couple of trees!

Obviously, average citizens cannot own something like this without a lot of paperwork and federal firearms dealer licenses, but it is fun to watch and dream right? We have seen several full-auto builds in .22 lr recently and it makes us surprised we don't see this more often. After all, .22 lr is way cheaper to shoot than .223 or other larger centerfire caliber rounds.

One of the big complaints over full-auto firearms is usually the recoil too. Beyond the first few shots, many shooters, even experienced ones, are going to have a hard time staying on target. The light kick of .22 lr changes that in a big way and it showed in the tight groups he was able to produce.

The mile-wide smile on this guy's face says it all doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to burn through a few belts of ammo with this at the target range? Yes, we would still do it even knowing how hard it is to find any sort of ammo right now due to shortages. This is an instance where it would totally be worth it!

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