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Want to Light a Match with a .22 LR? Here’s How

22 lr Trick shot

This .22 LR trick shot will show you just how to light a match with a bullet. 

First, it takes being a good shot, but that’s only half the battle with this trick shot. You also need the proper matches in order to ignite the flame. Watch this 22 LR trick shot in slow motion.

This is no easy task, and 22plinkster even admitted to giving up 4-years ago. Well, maybe it wasn’t the gun but the matches that were the problem.

He claims to have tried this thousands of times, always to no avail. He even knocked off hundreds of the match tips, but they never ignited. Luckily for him, he made a trip to the NRA show and ran into the right person who recommended Strike Anywhere matches.

He finally succeeded with his Smith and Wesson Victory 22 LR, some Federal Premium Ammunition and a Strike Anywhere match to pull off the infamous shot.

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Want to Light a Match with a .22 LR? Here’s How