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This Belt-Fed .22 LR Machine Gun Will Make Your Trigger Finger Twitch

belt-fed .22 machine gun
Instagram: @guns481

Who wouldn't want to shoot a full-auto, belt-fed .22?

With this gun, not only do you get the novelty of shooting a belt-fed machine gun, but you also save a ton of money in ammunition!

In a video posted to Instagram by @guns481, we see what's identified as a "1919A4 Lakeside Machine Miniature Belt-Fed .22 LR," which certainly doesn't disappoint.

Shooting a full-auto firearm is on every shooter's bucket list. It usually isn't too hard to find somewhere to shoot one if you look hard enough, but there aren't a lot of places where you can shoot something with an actual belt, let alone a .22 LR!

Check out this gun and tell us you wouldn't have a hard time leaving the range!

Watch the video below:

Did you hear the rate of fire on that thing? It doesn't seem to have any trouble cycling rounds with that belt, either.

It's crazy to think of how fast you could go through a box of .22LR shells at the range with this gun. And, it's even crazier to think about how much more expensive this would be to shoot with a bigger caliber.

Could you imagine lining up a couple hundred yards of soda cans, watermelons or some other kind of target and just firing down the line? Talk about a good time!

If you could shoot any full-auto firearm, what would it be?



This Belt-Fed .22 LR Machine Gun Will Make Your Trigger Finger Twitch