This Gun Range Has the Right Idea for Valentine's Day: Shooting the Stuffing Out of a Teddy Bear

Hit the gun range and Blast a Bear with your special someone this Valentine's Day.

For several years running, this range did Valentine's Day Texas Style. That could mean a lot of things, but for them, it meant equipping shooters with some unique targets.

No, it's not a box of chocolates, and it's not a bouquet of roses.

Watch the video below and check out their website to learn all about this special event!

Why not start a new Valentine's Day tradition with that special someone at the gun range? This range has a special date destination for you and yours to shoot stuffed bears.

Bring your own bears (B.Y.O.B.) to this gun range and you both can shoot that special target together. This has to be the best stress relieving date that you can think of for this Valentine's Day.

Best of all, proceeds go to the Houston Police Department.  You both can enjoy your day and support the local police department, too.