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5 Best Candies to Buy an Angler for Valentine’s Day

Have that special angler in your life for Valentine’s Day?

These five candies will reel in that angler’s heart come Valentine’s Day!

1. Candy Fish

A bag of sweet candy fish will bait that angler into your possession.



2. Sweet Tackle Box

A tackle box with assorted yummy candy bait and lures will be reeling in the kisses!

Studio 5


3. Sweet Tackle Box With All the Gear

A full tackle box of sweet fishing gear will bring in sweet angling action from your fishing valentine.



4. Chocolate Bass

Reel in the big fish with this big chocolate bass!

Candy Favorites


5. A Homemade Tackle Box

A homemade super tackle box will have you and your angler Valentine sampling the lures over a night of watching their favorite fishing shows on DVD.

Bass Pro Shops


With these 5 gift ideas your angler Valentine will be reeling in your love like never before. Happy fishing!

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5 Best Candies to Buy an Angler for Valentine’s Day