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5 Best Candies to Buy a Hunter For Valentines Day

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These five candy selections will show that hunter that you care about them and respect their sport.

These five Valentine’s Day candy ideas will keep your hunter in the treestand, and you out of the dog house!

Chocolate ammunition making kit

Geek Alerts

Have fun with that special someone “reloading” these chocolate bullet molds with melted chocolate and turning out some high powered chocolate rounds capable of defeating any sour face! Reusable and the fun goes on and on as long as you keep buying chocolate to cast your love bullets.

Silver Bullet Mints

Geeky Hostess

These silver bullet breath mints will keep the breath minty fresh when hunting the most elusive game, love. Plus you’ll be protected from werewolves, which is good.

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Deer Poop


This one has been around in some form or another for a long time, but this DIY version is cheap and easy.

Camo M&Ms


All hunters need some new camouflage. This camouflage is quite tasty too and will fit in any environment encountered.

Camouflage caramel corn

CamoCorn 1
Crafty Imaginings

Camouflaged caramel corn will keep that hungry hunter well fed and that sweet tooth under control.

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5 Best Candies to Buy a Hunter For Valentines Day