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Remember When These Somali Pirates Attacked the Wrong Ship?

somali pirates

This is what happens when Somali Pirates attack a ship with an armed maritime security on board.

The video below was filmed using a helmet mounted camera by some private security contractors on board the MV Avocet, a cargo ship attacked by Somali pirates back in 2011. 

Spoiler: it doesn't go well for the pirates.

Watch the video below.


While we don't know for sure what happened to the Somali pirates in that skiff, it's a good bet that they were killed or very seriously injured. It's not clear what became of the second skiff you can see at the end of the video.

According to Thomas Rothrauff, President Trident Group Inc, which provided the maritime security forces for the Avocet, Somali pirates attacked the Avocet unsuccessfully March 22, 2011, as it passed through the Gulf Aden after departing Europe.

The pirates then stalked the Avocet for the next three days before attacking again. This second attack by the pirates was the one shown in the video.

Rothrauff stated that the maritime security guards on the Avocet acted in accordance with international law and company policy. Though you can't hear it in the video, he states that the Somali Pirates on the skiffs did indeed open fire on the Avocet and nearly hit one of the guards.

To date, no vessel with armed maritime security on board has been successfully hijacked by Somali pirates.

On another note, did you notice how the guy doing the filming actually shot the railing in front of him a couple of times? That's why you should be very careful about making sure your line of fire is clear before shooting. It's particularly easy to do with rifles like the AR-15 that have sights that sit high above the bore.

I don't blame the guy for getting excited, though, as that had to be a pretty nerve-wracking experience.



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Remember When These Somali Pirates Attacked the Wrong Ship?