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Have You Ever Wondered What a Firefight Sounds Like? [VIDEO]

Ever Wondered What It Sounds Like To Get Shot At

Soldiers in Afghanistan got a firsthand lesson as bullets flew within just a few feet of their heads.

This soldier from the U.S. Army's Second Infantry Division used a helmet-mounted video camera to film an operation in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan when his unit got into a firefight with a Taliban group.

Listen for that "crack" of the first incoming round!

WARNING: This video contains profanity.


As they tried to suppress the Taliban with their M240 machine gun, a few rounds of incoming fire came a little too close for comfort. Luckily, nobody was hurt, and they captured some cool footage of the incident.

The "crack" that you heard was from a shock wave created by a bullet traveling at supersonic speeds. If you listen closely, you can hear the report of the rifle being shot at the soldiers, likely an AK-47, arrive right after you hear the "crack" of the bullet passing overhead.

Good thing he was wearing his APEL-approved eye protection!

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Have You Ever Wondered What a Firefight Sounds Like? [VIDEO]