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You Need to See This Video of an ISIS Sniper Shooting a Journalist's GoPro in Mosul

You Need To See This Video Of An ISIS Sniper Hitting A Journalist's GoPro In Mosul

Would you be as cool of a customer as this journalist in Mosul was after an ISIS sniper bullet hit the GoPro camera mounted on his body?

As both this Marine and the journalist in Mosul you'll see in the video below can tell you, sometimes the difference between life and death is only a few inches.

In this case, these guys were reporting on some Iraqi Soldiers fighting ISIS in Mosul when a sniper's bullet struck the GoPro one Iraqi journalist had mounted on his chest.

Check out the video below to see how it all went down. Make sure you watch all the way to the end to hear one of the most awesome and badass lines ever from the Iraqi journalist.

WARNING: This video contains some pretty strong language.

Did that guy play it cool or what? Perhaps he was in shock, but he calmly reacted after his GoPro exploded into a plastic mist inches from his face. He never stopped filming and nonchalantly walked around behind the truck and then remarked to his partner: "That is my blood on your face."

Unlike the British reporter, it looks like the Iraqi journalist had played this game a few times and didn't seem the least bit thrown off by the fact that a sniper nearly killed him.

As you can see by the condition of the street, the surrounding buildings, and the bullet-riddled Iraqi Army HMMWV, ISIS isn't giving up Mosul without a pretty stiff fight.

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You Need to See This Video of an ISIS Sniper Shooting a Journalist's GoPro in Mosul