Full Auto .22
YouTube: 22plinkster

The Full Auto .22lr M4 from Tippmann Arms Looks Like a Blast to Shoot


This fully automatic .22lr just looks like tons of fun.

Ammunition is expensive these days and that is why so many firearms manufacturers have started developing trainer platforms of popular guns chambered in .22 long rifle. One of these guns is the Tippmann Arms M4-22 Pro. This AR-style platform gives shooters a chance to hone their shooting skills at a fraction of the cost of larger rounds.

It turns out that Tippmann Arms has a few special variants of their M4. Variants that the general public cannot own because they are fully automatic. That's right, a full-auto .22 AR-style platform. How cool is that?

While we know we can never own one, our favorite YouTube rimfire enthusiast, 22plinkster managed to get his hands on one for his latest video. He puts this gun fully through the paces and as you'll see, it produces an ear to ear grin every time the trigger is squeezed.


"I've got a Jerry Miculek finger!" Gotta love that one-liner from 22.

The Tippmann M4-Pro was obviously built mostly so people could more easily to do regular training. It helps keep your reflexes sharp for competition or a self-defense scenario. Honestly, if we could own a full-auto, this is probably what we would choose just for that reason. Picking up a box of 1,000 rounds of .22lr is going to be infinitely cheaper for a day at the range than using any centerfire rounds.

We do think we'd need some larger magazines though. This gun burns through those 25-rounders in less than a second. That's a lot of reloading!

Also, as you saw here, it's easier to shoot .22lr on full auto at a distance. It sounded like every shot at 100 yards hit the plate. However, if you want a full-auto .22 like this, you'd better start working on getting your manufacturing license since options on civilians obtaining full auto are limited to expensive guns manufactured in the 1980s.


We're with 22plinkster in that we want one, but know we'll never own one. We guess we'll just have to settle for just admiring from a distance.

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