.22 LR
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A Satisfying Look at How .22LR Ammo is Manufactured

Did you ever wonder how .22LR is made?

Who doesn't enjoy shooting a .22LR or other types of rimfire guns? The .22 is the perfect round for target shooting, plinking and small game hunting. There are few things we enjoy more than whiling away an afternoon popping off a few hundred rounds since this ammo is so cheap.

Did you ever stop to think about how rimfire ammunition is manufactured?

It turns out, it is a rather fascinating process. The video below was taken in a Federal ammunition plant in Minnesota. Sit back and relax, the video is quite satisfying to watch!

This is like the grown-up version of "Charlie and Chocolate Factory." Who wouldn't want to visit the Federal factory and watch this fascinating process first-hand?

There are more steps to manufacturing .22 long rifle than we ever realized. The initial construction of the bullets from long lengths of wire was especially interesting to watch. Ammunition construction seems like an easy prospect at first because there aren't many parts to a bullet. However, there are a lot of extra steps along the way in the coating of the bullet and the construction of the casing.

Much of this extra work is done not only to ensure the quality of the ammunition, but also for the safety of the workers who make it. They do deal with gunpowder all day long after all.

We don't know about you, but this helped us better appreciate all the hard work that goes into making some of the most popular ammunition in America right now. Especially when you consider how the .22 rounds are such a staple on gun ranges across the country. We already said we wouldn't take .22LR for granted anymore after those awful shortages of this round finally ended. However, seeing this just makes us appreciate it more.

If you'll excuse us, we're ready to head to the range and do some plinking now!

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