CCI Clean-22

CCI's 'Clean-22' Ammunition Cuts Down on Fouling, Buildup and Residue

CCI Ammunition could change the game with its new rimfire cartridge.

Every year, ammunition manufacturers will introduce some innovative idea that seems like it has a chance of taking off.

In most cases, though, it's hard to change ammunition that's largely stayed the same for the last century.

Every now and then, though, a brand will break through, and it seems like CCI might've done just that.

The new Clean-22 cartridge from CCI features a polymer bullet coating that cuts down on copper and lead fouling inside the barrel, up to 80 percent of lead buildup in suppressors and doesn't leave any residue behind.

CCI Clean-22

It uses 40-grain lead round-nose bullets, which come in subsonic and high-velocity options that are optimized for increased accuracy.

The Clean-22 cartridges are effective for both hunters and competition shooters. Using CCI priming at consistent propellant, they fire and cycle well through any .22 Long Rifle firearm, including semi-automatic rifles.

Both the sub-sonic and high-velocity variations come in 100-count boxes that MSRP at $9.95. You can easily find it for less online, at Sportsman's Guide among other retailers.