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Federal Makes Hitting the Range Easy With BYOB Ammo Buckets and Bottles

federal byob

Going to the range can be a hassle, so Federal Premium wanted to lighten the load.

We've all been there. You and your friends want to make a trip out to the gun range, but somehow you drew the short straw. It's your turn to bring the ammo.

The bummer isn't really the cost, since you likely went shooting for free your last few trips, so it all evens out. The bummer is the hassle of hauling enough ammo for everyone to use.

For this reason, Federal decided to introduce a more effective packaging for range day ammunition.

The Federal Premium BYOB Buckets are designed for easy carrying, stacking and storing, while the bottles offer a slightly smaller, but organized way to carry ammunition.

federal byob

Shooters can only buy the buckets with .22 LR 36-grain CPHP rimfire ammunition, which fires at about 1260 fps. Federal offers a 825-count option for $51.95 and a 1,375-count option for $85.95.

The bottles come with 250 shells, but are available in two additional calibers: .22 WMR and .17 HMR.

Federal currently lists the .22 LR bottle at $30.95 . The .22 WMR 50-grain JHP bullets, which fire at about 1,530 fps, are $67.95. And finally, the .17 HMR 17-grain Speer TNT, which fire at 2530 fps, are $63.95.

Additionally, while all of these options only comes full of rimfire ammo, you can always refill them with a different kind of ammo.



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Federal Makes Hitting the Range Easy With BYOB Ammo Buckets and Bottles