Summit Ground Blinds

Summit Unveils New Lineup of Ground Blinds at ATA 2019

Summit is branching out into other markets of hunting gear.

Summit Treestands made a name for itself with treestands, obviously. But what isn't as obvious is how such a successful hunting brand never dabbled in other markets.

Perhaps it didn't need to, thanks to a healthy position in the treestand market. Or, perhaps it was waiting for the right time.

As the average age of hunters continues to get older, ground blinds are becoming a preferred option many. The folks at Summit saw an opportunity and pounced, coming straight out of the gate with an extensive line of ground blinds, varying in different features and sizes.

Summit Vital Ground Blind

Summit ground blinds

The Vital is Summit's entry-level ground blind, offering hunters a cheaper option that still offers many of the same features as the other models.

This is a water-resistant, fire retardant, two-person blind that dons Realtree Edge camouflage. It features a zippered door, as well as mesh hook-and-loop windows.

Hunters can purchase this blind for $139.99.

Summit Cobra Ground Blind

Summit Ground Blinds

Unlike the Vital, the Cobra is available in two- and three-person options. Available in Realtree Edge and Veil Whitetail camo options, this blind will blend right into the brush, concealing you and your hunting buddies.

Features are a tad better than the Vital, as it uses the Split Silent Slide window system, allowing you to move into a shooting position without making a sound.

The three-person option costs $179.99, and the two-person costs $159.99.

Summit Goliath Ground Blind

Summit Ground Blinds

As you move up to the Goliath, you start to see a number of features you don't see in the Vital or the Cobra, like the Hush Silent Hatch hinged doorway, which eliminates the sound of a zipper when you're trying to be quiet.

It also comes in a four-person option and includes Summit's lightweight Snap Wrap carry system and organizer, so you can carry it into the field with you in a nice, confined carrier.

Summit Viper Ground Blind

Summit Ground Blinds

The Viper is the Taj Mahal of Summit's ground blind lineup, coming in three- and four-person options. It comes in a variety of camo options, which include Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Country and Veil Whitetail.

The has all the features of the Goliath, such as the Snap Wrap carry system, the Hush Silent Hatch hinged doorway and the Split Silent Slide window system. Rivaling the Primos SurroundView blind, however, it also offers a near-360-degree view with Summit's TruView panels, which match the camo exterior.

The four-person option currently sits at $329.99, and the three-person sits at $299.99.

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