5 Off-the-Wall Products at ATA 2019


The ATA Trade Show doesn't only showcase bows and arrows.

Sure, anyone who makes a trip to the Archery Trade Association Trade Show anticipates shooting countless high-dollar bows. But that's only the first layer of this bowhunter's paradise.

Just about every hunting brand you can think of makes an appearance, as do various hunting personalities, like Cam Hanes, Michael Waddell and a long list of social media influencers.

If you're able to take a break from shooting bows, it's worth taking the time to walk the aisles, as you'll surely find some pretty awesome new products before anyone else.

After two and a half days of visiting booths in the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky, these were the featured products that surprised us the most.

Can-Am Defender XT CAB

ATA 2019

We're no strangers to the Can-Am Defender, as we've been fortunate enough to use them on a number of our own hunts. However, none of them looked quite like this.

This souped-up Can-Am Defender XT CAB had all the bells and whistles, including heated seats, steering wheel and handgrips, power windows, a flip-up windshield, front and rear winches, and obviously the track kit.

With the tracks, this machine could take you almost anywhere you'd ever need to go, which is a nice touch for any backcountry hunter.

Moultrie Mobile XV-7000i and XA-7000i

ATA 2019

Using the game-changing Moultrie Mobile technology, these cameras are able to send photos directly to your smartphone or tablet.

The only difference between the two models is the cellular networks they use. The XV-7000i operates on the Verizon 4G cellular network, and the XA-7000i uses AT&T.

These cameras capture 20-megapixel images and 1080p video with audio, using iNVISIBLE flash with 80-foot detection and flash range. It also boasts a 0.3-second trigger speed.

Additionally, if you have an older Moultrie camera, you can purchase the Moultrie Cellular Field Modem to convert an old camera into a wireless game camera with a monthly data plan.

YETI Silo 6G

ATA 2019

The YETI Silo 6G offers the most durable hydration station on the market. Plant one of these puppies in the middle of deer camp or in the bed of your UTV or pickup truck, and you have somewhere to get water whenever you need it.

While YETI products are always on the expensive side, you can't argue with their durability. When you consider how often you replace coolers, buckets and other YETI-type products, it's easy to start seeing a YETI product's value.

This would basically replace your round, spigot cooler with a durable, high-performing YETI rendition. Like any YETI cooler, if you leave the top down, this thing is going to keep its contents ice-cold, outperforming any other cooler on the market.

Rambo R1000XP G3

ATA 2019

Rambo Bikes apparently set out to make the most extreme off-road bike on the market. While Rambo's product line is very similar to QuietKat's, it's right there in terms of quality at first glance.

Wrapped in True Timber Camo, this bike looks as sleek as it does indiscrete.

The surprising element to this bike, though, isn't the bike itself, but rather the market trend toward off-road bikes. When they first started popping up, they seemed like yet another failed attempt to think outside the box.

But, after seeing how many off-road bikes were on display at ATA 2019 in Louisville this past week, it's safe to say these things have caught some real traction.

Reinhart Sasquatch Target

ATA 2019

OK, so on one hand, this product obviously had arguably the biggest wow factor of any product at the ATA Show, but it's actually a pretty sweet target.

Reinhart has built a reputation for making high-quality archery targets, offering a variety of different animals to launch arrows at.

But who wouldn't want to shoot at a target at a 7-foot Bigfoot target?