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6 Mouthwatering Elk Meat Recipes

Elk meat recipes don't have to be difficult. Check out these six examples.

Photo via Food Network
Photo via Food Network

Even though not everyone loves to eat it, venison is a fairly common meat, to the point where it's easy to find a slew of delicious recipes for using up the deer meat in your freezer.

Since elk hunting isn't quite so widespread, it can sometimes be more difficult to find hunter-endorsed elk recipes. Luckily, we've perused the internet so you don't have to, finding six mouthwatering elk meat recipes that you can easily access online and turn into delicious entrees and appetizers.

Some of them mirror the sort of beef recipes you'd normally see, and others are completely unique.

Check out the selections and let us know how the elk meat recipes turn out.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Elk Backstrap

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If you haven't spent much time on before, now is the time to correct that oversight. The website has grown into one of the greatest online hubs for virtually any type of cuisine, and that extends to game meat concoctions.

This delicious bacon/elk meat collision is a perfect summation of precisely why the site is kicking butt. Bacon-wrapped anything is obviously worthwhile, and this recipe, with its seasonings and smoky undertones, is simply bursting with flavor. Enjoy them as appetizers, or serve them as tenderloin skewers along with tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Either way, you can't go wrong with one of the most tender cuts from an elk.

2. Spicy Dry Rub Elk Tacos

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Another easy recipe that can function well as an appetizer or a full meal, these tacos supplement your elk steaks with tomato, avocado, lime, red and yellow bell peppers, cabbage, sour cream, and a liberal dose of cayenne and chipotle chili pepper for a succulent and spicy explosion of taste.

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The recipe, taken from, makes six jumbo tacos, but you can adjust the recipe for smaller portions if necessary. Why go bland when you can go Mexican-American with a delicious, bold flavor profile? Keep in mind, you don't have to grill it, it's just as good cooked on a cast iron skillet.

3. Blue Cheese & Roasted Garlic Gourmet Elk Burger

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It goes without saying that there are an awful lot of different elk meat burger recipes to choose from. Of all the cookbook and online recipes out there, though, we might be partial to this one, taken from the elk-centered cooking site

Instead of placing a slice of cheese on your burger along with other toppers like tomato, lettuce, pickle, and bacon, this recipe grinds the blue cheese right into the burger patties for a unique and irresistible burst of flavor. With the garlic and the blue cheese in the patty itself (as well as shallots, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper), you will be amazed at just how much taste these burgers can muster up.

Heck, you may not even want to add toppers or condiments into the mix, and you'll certainly be looking for other recipes that use the golden combination of elk meat, blue cheese, and roasted garlic.

4. Elk Chop in Blackberry Port Sauce

Photo via Food Network

If you couldn't tell from our other recipe lists, we really love the combination of savory game meat and sweet toppings or sides.

Blackberry sauce is a particular favorite, and this tasty dish brings it to the forefront. We culled this one from the Food Network, and it's a surprisingly quick and easy recipe that nonetheless yields a gourmet, restaurant-quality feast.

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The chops come out tender and delicious with a combination of oven roasting and pan searing, but it's ultimately the sauce - combining fresh blackberries, shallots, brown sauce, ruby port wine, and a tiny bit of brown sugar - that will truly make this recipe a family favorite for any time elk chops are on the menu.

5. Elk Stew

Photo via RuralSpin

It truly wouldn't be a list of elk recipes without a hearty stew, and this one - pulled from the website - is as delicious as they come. With the recipe calling for a pound of meat, this stew really serves up the tender elk taste that you are looking for. It also adds sundried tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, mushrooms, and red wine for a thick and flavorful stew that you will adore on the coldest nights of winter.

6. Elk Chipotle Chocolate Chili

Photo via PaleOMG

Since the recipes on this list cover pretty much every facet of a dinner menu, from appetizers to soups to entrees, we figured we should have something that at least approximated dessert. This recipe, pulled from the website PaleOMG (for Paleo dieters, of course), combines a range of disparate flavors in the most strange, interesting, and ultimately delicious fashion that we've ever seen in an elk chili recipe.

With ground elk meat, red bell peppers, chipotle peppers, onions, broth, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, honey, cinnamon, pumpkin, and a range of other spices and ingredients, this recipe reads a bit like a witches brew.

The ultimate taste, however, which balances sweet, savory, spicy, and pretty much every other flavor you can name, is oddly appealing and is perfect for an autumn afternoon. This is one to let sit in the slow cooker all day.

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6 Mouthwatering Elk Meat Recipes