Sitka Releases the New, Redesigned Fanatic System of Ultra-Quiet Hunting Gear

The new Fanatic System from Sitka is said to significantly reduce fabric noise by cutting the audible engagement distance in half.

Completely redesigned for 2019 and debuted at the ATA Show, the new Sitka Fanatic System takes noise control to extreme levels. The full diagonal zipper caught the eye of hunters when the Fanatic Jacket first hit the market, and that style is back with impressive updates. 

Sitka is using ultra-quiet fabrics and a textile combination that is both quieter and warmer (The tech behind that is over our heads, but the research and testing is proving itself). The Fanatic System is said to give a hunter the ability to stay comfortable in the field longer and to move with more confidence by shortening the distance of audible detection by half.

There's a jacket, bibs, and pack being shown off, and they've all been gaining attention throughout the course of ATA 2019. Covered with the GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Elevated II camo pattern, the gear is meant for whitetail, preferably in a treestand, but it seems like ti could be more versatile than that. Elevated II is, if you'll remember from its debut, the pattern scientifically engineered to confuse the vision of deer.

If anticipation is any indication, hardcore hunting folks were waiting for something like this, and they're eager to try it out.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Fanatic Jacket now features unique left- and right-handed versions. Hunters who use either hand to hold and extend a bow will have the jacket catered to them. Here's the stock photos showing the mirrored differences between the two.

Burr pickup was a big complaint, and Sitka solved it with burr-resistant material in the spots that need it most.

The Fanatic Bib got the same treatment without sacrificing noise reduction, and the innovative new Fanatic Pack is the quietest they've ever created, completing the ultimate SITKA Whitetail System. 

Lets zoom in on the claim for a bit, that a deer can be twice as close to you before it hears you (with all other variables equal). If that's true, there stands to be a revolutionary advancement here, especially with the popularity of whitetail hunting in America.

To us, that means a bow draw or reach for a rangefinder can be done with a buck far closer than you'd think.

Since hunting apparel brands have long ago devoted themselves to exceptionally good camo patterns and scent control, there isn't a whole lot more room to truly innovate. Where Sitka is setting themselves apart is the noise game, which any deer hunter will tell you is just as vital, if not more, than vision or scent.

The prices are about where we'd expect them to be.

  • Fanatic Jacket (Right and Lefty versions) MSRP: $449
  • Fanatic Bib MSRP: $439
  • Fanatic Vest MSRP: $279
  • Fanatic Pack MSRP: $199

There's no doubting Sitka's popularity and reputation, and they're likely bolstered because of moves and releases just like this. We're predicting the newly designed Fanatic line to be among the pack leaders of revolutionary new hunting wear.