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"American Guns" Reality TV Star Facing 15 Years in Prison After Felony Convictions


Richard Wyatt was found guilty of dealing without license but avoided illegal weapons importation charges.

The former host of the reality TV show "American Guns," Richard Wyatt, is facing up to 15 years in prison after felony courts found him guilty of 10 felony counts.

The Denver Post reports the jury was hung on three charges for illegal importation of weapons. Instead, Wyatt is facing prison for dealing firearms without a license, conspiracy and tax evasion after he failed to report $1.1 million of income to the IRS.

The case against Wyatt is almost two years old now. The ATF raided his Gunsmoke Guns gun shop in Wheat Ridge, Colorado in March 2015 and confiscated 583 guns and ammunition after an undercover investigation.

Agents found after he lost his federal firearms license in 2009, Wyatt was conspiring with the Castle Rock store Triggers to run a straw license operation in which customers who purchased from Wyatt actually had background checks done at Triggers.

It was also where the customers picked up their purchases.

Triggers eventually gave up their firearms license and Wyatt allegedly continued selling firearms and began conspiring with other businesses for further straw operations. But undercover ATF agents purchased four guns from Wyatt while wearing hidden body cameras.

Amazingly, even without a federal firearms license, Wyatt and his family starred in 26 episodes of the Discovery Channel reality TV show "American Guns" from 2011 to 2012. The show about his gun shop earned Wyatt around $500,000.

Wyatt will actually be sentenced at a later date for the convictions.


"American Guns" Reality TV Star Facing 15 Years in Prison After Felony Convictions