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'American Guns' Host, Richard Wyatt, Indicted for Selling Guns Illegally

Richard Wyatt

Owner of "Gunsmoke" shop indicted on counts of sale of firearms without a license. 

Richard Wyatt, the Colorado gun shop owner made famous by the Discovery Channel reality TV show "American Guns," has been arrested and indicted on 13 counts including conspiracy, failure to pay taxes and illegal selling of firearms.

The news comes almost a year after ATF agents raided his store and confiscated firearms.

Wyatt gave up his firearms license in 2012, but was apparently the subject of an ATF investigation that found Wyatt allegedly changed the address of his Gunsmoke store and instead used the address and federal firearm license of another store called Triggers, to illegally sell firearms.

Background check work was done at the Triggers location and it is also where customers at Wyatt's Gunsmoke shop location picked up their purchases.

In addition to the charges of illegally selling firearms, Wyatt is also accused of having evaded paying both personal and corporate income tax for years. If convicted, Wyatt is looking at some fines and serious prison time. He could get up to five years for each of the 13 counts.


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'American Guns' Host, Richard Wyatt, Indicted for Selling Guns Illegally