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Brooklyn Police Seize 217 Firearms While Breaking Up Gun Trafficking Ring

217 illegal guns are off the streets of Brooklyn.

In the biggest gun trafficking bust ever for Brooklyn, 217 illegal firearms are off the streets.

In a case involving undercover officers since last June, 24 Virginia residents were arrested and charged for trafficking guns. News 12 reports the people involved are allegedly involved with Bloods gangs in both New York and Virginia.

It was citizens in Brooklyn who tipped off officials to the case. The guns were all allegedly purchased in Virginia.

"This is our biggest gun trafficking case to date," Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez told reporters. "The most defendants charged and the most guns seized in its history over the course of an eight-month investigation. An NYPD undercover officer purchased 217 guns from these defendants, including 41 assault weapons."

The New York Times additionally reports the traffickers bought their guns at shops and gun shows. At least 10 people were involved in straw purchases. The traffickers then moved their firearms by car or bus to New York, where they sold them for up to $2,200 for rifles and $1,200 for a handgun.

The traffickers also apparently weren't shy about boasting about what they were doing. In one recorded conversation from November, one of the suspects, Kenneth Threatts allegedly boasted about their crimes.

"We're the big dogs," Threatts said. "We're trafficking! You know what I'm saying?"

While most of the suspects were arrested in Virginia, they will be arraigned in Brooklyn for their crimes.