8.5 Intensely Patriotic Custom Guns That Make 'Merica Proud

This all-American firepower is as cool as it gets.

There's something inside of us that wells up with pride whenever we see that perfect combination of red, white, and blue. We just can't help it. There's a reverence there that's hard to explain. Whether it's just a little tingle, maybe goosebumps, or even a genuine tear, the love for our nation's colors runs deep.

Here are eight intensely patriotic guns, plus a little bonus for kicks.

1. American Joe 1911

There's hardly a more fitting gun for the first on our list than this gorgeous 1911 by Cabot Guns. This beauty speaks for itself.

2. Custom AmeRica

See what I did there? This is the "Keep-your-distance-I-like-my-privacy" America.

3. Custom AmeRica 2.0

This is the, "Now-you've-gotten-too-close-and-I'm-going-to-go-all-tactical-on-your-ass" America.

4. Old School

It really doesn't get any more American than a gold plated revolver called the John Wayne. Here's to you, Duke.

"I am an old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness, flag-waving patriot." - John Wayne

5. Diversity

This Kimber is the perfect blend of materials. Rubber grip, redwood insert, and a sick cerakote job. One for my right hand and another for my left would be perfect.

6. #1... Uh... #M1

This custom M1 is seriously cool. A showpiece that would look great on the wall of any patriot's gun room.

7. 'Merica in the Dark

Just because it's dark, that doesn't mean you can't 'Merica!

8. Sawed off America

We never said we were perfect. And some of us are a little crazy. This is for those situations when you want to 'Merica in a big way.

8.5. Loads of Freedom!

If you're counting, we've gone through eight guns already. So this is how you get the half a point. Loads of red, white, and blue Freedom!

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