When Was the Last Time Your Target Told You How to Shoot It?

The team at Glock has created a beautifully simple chart to improve your pistol shooting accuracy.

When was the last time your target told you exactly what to do to shoot it better? Yeah, that's what we thought.

The crew at Glock is at it again. The firearm manufacturer has a legacy of producing simple, high-performance handguns. But the gang at Glock has just done us all another really big favor by producing this handy little shooting aid chart. It might not be what you'd expect from Glock. But then again, it might.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this page so you can print off a load of these every time you plan to head to the range.

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Like we said, Glock is known for making high performance products that are simple and easy to use. Unsurprisingly then, when they develop a shooting aid, we should expect the same straight-forward, easy-to-use mentality.

This simple chart might be the most useful pistol shooting aid known to man. Okay, okay. That's a big statement, especially when there are other great shooting aids like this helpful infographic. But it's seriously awesome.

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