Intruder Asks Homeowner, "Why Did You Shoot Me?"

An idiot intruder in Iowa believes she has the law on her side.

There are too many funny facts in this story to know where to begin. The Des Moines police recently responded to a 911 call of a reported a gun shot wound. Upon arrival, agents found a young woman with a gunshot wound to her torso. She was transported to the hospital, and she is expected to survive. That's where things get interesting.

It was quickly determined that the young woman was injured in a shooting earlier that night. A 71-year-old man had called police to report a break-in. The man told police he did not usually stay at the house. He was doing so, however, because of a string of robberies at the property over the past week. The man decided to stay there, with his gun, awaiting the would-be robbers.

At one point in the night, the man heard a noise. He witnessed a young woman walking in the house wearing a headlamp. The two got into an altercation, during which the woman began choking the elderly man with a scarf. Short on breath, the old man shot her.

In his report, the elderly man told police the intruder then said to him, "Why did you shoot me? It is against the law for you to shoot me."

The young woman then fled in a vehicle before calling police. We can't make this stuff up.

In a statement, Des Moines police Sgt Paul Parizek said, "If he's in fear of potential injury or even death, he's justified in using deadly force to protect himself."

Thank KCCI for the good laugh.

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