Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Pledges $25,000,000 to Fight Concealed Carry

Gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg is committing serious dollars to fight concealed carry reciprocity.

It's no secret that Michael Bloomberg is a big opponent of gun rights. The former New York City mayor has been a regular donor to gun control groups. He also founded a group called Everytown for Gun Safety, which is a fancy name for a group that would do away with firearms completely if they had their way.

Most recently, Bloomberg pledged to devote some serious coin to fight the new concealed carry reciprocity bill. The bill was introduced to Congress last month and would legalize concealed carry reciprocity among all states. Unsurprisingly, the bill saw tremendous support from the NRA. During his 2016 campaign, President Trump stated that he'd also support the bill.

C'mon Mike.

Bloomberg and his group Everytown are adding some high profile staff members to their team in an effort to upset 2018 and 2020 Senate races. His new hires include a bevy of former Obama and Hillary staff members. Brynne Craig will join the group as managing director of external affairs and civic engagement. Sounds important. Eric Schultz, Obama's senior adviser, will aid Everytown with communications and political strategy.

Also brought on board are host of LGBT advocacy executives, including Kirk Fordham and Matt Mctighe.

Beyond supporting financially, Everytown for Gun Safety members are also committing to "hound members at town halls on concealed carry reciprocity," according to a Politco report.

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords is also jumping on board the anti-concealed carry train. She and husband Mark Kelly are also fighting efforts like the Hearing Protection Act, which aims to reduce regulations around suppressors.

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