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Gun Safety and Self Defense Course Offered for LGBT Community

Organizations to offer training for LGBT community in wake of Orlando shooting.

In light of the the recent Orlando night club shooting, the Buckeye Firearms Association in Central Ohio is planning to offer an introductory course on gun safety and self-defense. The course, titled "Introduction to Self Defense with a Firearm," will be open to the public and all residents are welcome, including members of the LGBT community.

Executive Director of the Buckeye Firearms Association, Dean Rieck, issued a statement recently in which he explained that the group is, "saddened by the tragic murders in Orlando, but we're also angry." In response to the shooting, the BFA has decided to offer the free training to residents as way to educate the public and equip others with knowledge and skills to defend themselves in emergency situations.

As reported by many media outlets, gun sales to those in the LGBT community have soared as a result of the shooting, both in Orlando and elsewhere. Other gun sales have risen as well due to a push from the Obama Administration for further restrictions in light of the shooting.

As is always encouraged, anyone wishing to obtain a firearm for purposes of self-defense should seek proper training. Beyond knowledge of the weapon and proper usage, those wishing to carry a firearm, whether concealed or otherwise, should make sure to research and understand local laws and restrictions for carrying firearms. While details are not clear yet, apart from an off-duty police officer, it would have been illegal for anyone in the Pulse nightclub to carry a firearm for self-defense. Like most states, it is illegal in Florida to carry a firearm into any business or organization that's primary function involves the sale of alcohol.

While many consider gun control a controversial issue and others disagree on beliefs of the LGBT community, one area we can all find common ground is the idea that America is great because of our many freedoms. Our country was founded on the belief that we don't always need to agree in order to get along. When it comes to the 2nd Amendment and the rights guaranteed within, the more responsible, educated, and armed citizens our country has, the safer this nation will be.

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Gun Safety and Self Defense Course Offered for LGBT Community