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High School Student Creates Gorgeous American Flag in Welding Class

Last year, high school student Damion Davenport received a ton of orders for his American Flag creation.

Damion Davenport, a high school student from Mandan, North Dakota, is in an introductory welding class with instructor Luke Mellmer. Like most of his classmates, Davenport would agree that didn't know a lot about welding prior to enrolling in the course.

That's where Davenport's story becomes a little bit less commonplace.

A recent assignment for Davenport involved creating a metal version of the American Flag. When it was completed, Mellmer knew it was a work of art. Shortly thereafter the school posted an image of Davenport on Facebook with his recently completed assignment. The post quickly spread, praising Davenport for both his newfound capabilities and his patriotism.

According to a report by KFYRTV, the school's simple Facebook post went viral, reaching over 130,000 people. Along the way, the post has also gathered over 700 shares and 2,000 reactions.

With that type of reach, it's no surprise that others soon began expressing an interest in owning their own copies of Davenport's work. As of Oct. 5th, Davenport has received orders for 22 additional copies of his masterpiece. Those interested in purchasing a flag should reach out to Davenport's personal Facebook page. He's currently charging around $200 for each piece.

While only a student, he's already found a way to capitalize on his skills and passions. Cheers to you, Damion! Now, I'm off to find a spot to put one of those things.

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