Louisiana Yellowfin

74-Year-Old Catches 10th Largest Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna in History

One of the largest Louisiana yellowfin to ever be caught couldn't have been a better story. 

When 74-years-young Vic Wickman and some buddies hired Wade Wells, a captain for Mexican Gulf Fishing Company, for a day of fishing, who could have known they were about to make history? Once they reached 300 feet of water off the coastline of Venice, some cut bait was thrown out, and almost immediately, Wickman had a 226-pound Louisiana yellowfin on the hook. What happened next was almost hard to believe

"We made one drift and tripled up," Wells said in an interview. "We thought it was just like an 80-pounder. The two others came right in, so we decided to chase that one because it was running a little bit. We got on top of it, and got it in."

Wickman only had to fight the fish for about 45 minutes. Normally a fish like that fights for double that length of time, but fate was on the fisherman's side.

"As soon as it hit the deck, we knew it was the biggest fish we'd ever caught," Wells said. "Two weeks before, I caught a 192, and it was way bigger than that."

Congrats Mr. Wickman! That is one incredible fish!