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7 Reasons You, Me, and Everyone Else Should Use a Deep Diving Crankbait

Deep diving crankbaits are an experienced angler's best friend. Oh, you didn't know?

As a general rule of thumb, bruiser bass swim in deep water, which means you need to get down to where the big girls hang out. One of the most popular ways to do this is by using a deep diving crankbait.

Virtually every major tackle company on Earth makes some form of this lure. They come in an infinite variety of colors, and are a staple in every bass man's box.

If this crankbait is not in your arsenal, here are seven reasons that you, me, and everyone else should be throwing a deep crank.

1. Depth

Trophy bass can be caught anywhere. But, your average size will typically be better if you find them in deeper water. Deep diving crankbaits have the ability to penetrate such depths. They are specifically designed to fish in a range of 10'-20'.

Most cranks will come in a package that suggests their max diving depth, but you'll generally want to fish them in water that is a bit shallower. For example, if your bait's box says "dives to 14'-16'" you'll then want to use them in 10'-12'. This guarantees that your crankbait will bump against any bottom structure, stirring up debris and causing erratic action, which is key to enticing more strikes.

If you know that bass are suspending, it's not necessary to make bottom contact.

2. Size

I have mentioned that deeper water holds bigger bass, but that doesn't guarantee you're going to catch them. There are various techniques you can use to fish at these depths, but crankbaits have a proven track record for snagging true lunkers.

Some reasons for this might be the profile and nature of the bait. People say big baits catch big fish, and deep diving cranks are considered bigger baits for bass. Their profile also resembles bluegill and shad, which perfectly mimics a large meal swimming through the water.

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3. Cover Water

Deep diving crankbaits cover a ton of water very quickly. Other lures, such as a jig or weighted worm, are slow and tedious. Utilizing a crank will allow you to thoroughly fish an area in a timely fashion.

Many pros like to use this as a search tactic. They'll repeatedly cast a deep crank until they hook into a bass. This helps them locate a school, and once they've found one they can then slow down and fish it with a more careful approach.

4. Large Strike Zone

Often times you'll hear anglers mention the term "strike zone." This refers to a circular zone encompassing a fish in which you'll need to get your bait to. In other words, how far will the bass travel to bite your hook? The size of this area can fluctuate based on a variety of factors.

A deep diving crankbait does not have to get as close to a bass as other lures in order to induce a strike. Its tight, wobbling action, is commonly combined with noisy internal rattles. Bass are able to detect crankbaits from further away because of those clacking, flashing, and vibrating characteristics.

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5. Match the Hatch

Crankbaits are perfect for matching the hatch. There's without a doubt a size and color combination made to match virtually any kind of forage. Bluegill, shad, crappie, and perch are all typical patterns you'll see in stores. Baby bass and crawfish colors are also super popular.

Depending on your lake's characteristics, one or many of these food sources may be prevalent. If you're lucky enough to have a bass spit up some sort of small fish or craw, take note, and throw that type of deep diving crank. It's an important observation and can turn an average day of fishing into a memorable one.

6. Species Variety

Bass aren't the only thing that will chomp on a tasty looking crankbait. Many predatory fish will feed on the same things that crankbaits emulate. It's always exciting to have a chance at hooking into a variety of species.

As a forewarning, if you're fishing waters that include pike, you're likely to get bit off many times. For whatever reason, crankbaits are like candy for those annoying little hammer handles. Successfully landing a trophy pike, however, offers an unforgettable fight and intense adrenaline rush.

7. They're Kevin VanDam's Favorite

Kevin VanDam is like the Michael Jordan of bass fishing, and his favorite lure is the crankbait.

What does that say about the lure's effectiveness?

If KVD believes in them, it's safe to say that you, me, and everyone else should too.

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7 Reasons You, Me, and Everyone Else Should Use a Deep Diving Crankbait