Brothers On Da River Talk with Tosh.0

Tosh.0 isn't necessarily the first person who comes to mind for interviewing fishermen.

However, he does just that with YouTube sensations Brothers On Da River. They are a pair of siblings from Portland, and they give Tosh a hilarious inside look behind their videos.

In a racially tense society, this video displays some refreshing comedy involving a couple siblings who just love to fish. They seem well aware that they're a minority within their local fishing community, but that doesn't appear to affect their attitude.

A positive mental attitude is something we can all strive for. Thankfully, the fishing community is very accepting of any brothers and sisters who wish to partake in the sport. They joke about being compared to Tiger Woods within the video, but the Bassmaster Elite Series actually does consist of a highly successful African American angler. Ish Monroe is considered the frog master on the circuit, and has had a highly effective career in a predominately white sport.

These two brothers cracked me up, and their light hearted attitude towards catching fish perfectly sums up why most of us throw a line in the water. Having a good time and creating a few laughs is what it's all about at the end of the day.

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