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Michael Waddell Reminds us What's Important About Hunting

If you grew up hunting or hunt for the reasons Michael Waddell describes here, this will be a breath of fresh air.

I have been a fan of Michael Waddell since he was the young guy filming for David Blanton and Bill Jordan. Back then, Dad and I would come home, Sunday evenings if I remember correctly, turn on the TV and watch all sorts of great hunting shows. This was before the cameraman was part of the crew like they are today. Sure, the hunters appreciated them and cherished the moment with them, but they were never in the spotlight.

With that being said, Michael has earned where he is now. He put in the work as the grunt and the cameraman and earned where he has grown to be today. He has earned every right to be able to offer advice, as he he has below. Through the years he has offered so many of his peers, older and younger generations, some of the most down to earth opinions and views on some current topics. He speaks as a rooted hunter to help keep hunters rooted.

Michael Waddell went live on Facebook to talk about why it is important to stay true to the reason a good majority of us started hunting in the first place:

Someone had to say it. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I watched him talk on his Facebook Live. But he has so many valid points that many getting into hunting today may not understand. We are beginning to be bombarded with products and striving to be better and shoot bigger. For new hunters, it can all be quite intimidating. We hunted just fine for years in our hand-me-down Army BDUs.

Although the market is full of great products that can increase our success rate, sometimes we just need to be reminded as to why we began hunting in the first place. Michael does a great job of rerooting hunters, both new and seasoned. He reminds us it's not just about the inches but the memories we make with our friends and family.

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