Throwback to Michael Waddell's Royal Smackdown of a PETA Member at #CantStopTheFlop 2016

As we approach turkey season, Michael Waddell responds to PETA about #CantStopTheFlop. 

Now, if you have followed Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector series at all, you'll know that he is full of wit and humor with a touch of sarcasm. Okay, maybe a lot of sarcasm. Waddell campaigned for #cantstoptheflop 2016 last year, and here's a look at what the media asked him.

Now while this may be somewhat satirical, Michael Waddell probably receives these questions often. He addresses the 'media' with a hint of sarcasm, sharing why he thinks more people should hunt rather than visiting what he refers to as the 'Golden Arches.'

While, in reality, this snippet is created for a laugh, there is truly nothing better than spending time in the outdoors, God's renewable resource, as Waddell explains.

One thing is certain. I'm ready for #CantStopTheFlop 2017!

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