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Gear Review: BioSpawn Genetically Engineered Baits

BioSpawn's genetically engineered baits sound like something created in a Mary Shelley novel.

BioSpawn developers have been working like mad scientists. In their labs, they have created a new, innovative soft plastic design that catches monstrous bass. As a forewarning, when using these baits, you might hook into a 'Frankenstein' fish.

In order to gain an understanding behind their methods, I contacted Eli Rosenberg, the Director of PR and Media for Catch Co., the parent company to BioSpawn lures. One of their main missions was to create a lure which emphasized features that stimulate a striking instinct in bass. This gave birth to the "Genetically Engineered" catchphrase.

As you can see, this video provides a brief introduction into what sets BioSpawn lures apart from other soft plastics. They are specifically designed to provide a new presentation. Bass fishing lures are constantly evolving, and these baits are at the forefront of innovation. With the help of 3D printing and modeling software, BioSpawn has been able to create a truly original line of artificial lures.

Each bait also comes infused with BioScent. This custom formula consisting of anise, amino acids, and fish oil helps mask human scent, along with attracting more strikes. Highlighted in the video was the Exostick Pro, which is one of three BioSpawn soft plastics on the market.

1. Exostick Pro

Courtesy of BioSpawn

Exosticks look similar to traditional trick worms and senkos. However, they have a couple distinct features that separate them from the rest of the pack. These new baits have a ribbed texture, higher salt content, and faster sink rate. The ridged shape helps displace water and produce more action on the fall, enticing more strikes.

Pro anglers are even taking notice of the benefits that these lures provide.

BioSpawn makes some of the best soft plastics on the market. The Exostick is one of my go to baits right now and I have been catching bass with them all season. You also can't beat the VileCraw as a jig trailer. - Seth Feider, Elite Series Pro

2. VileCraw

Courtesy of BioSpawn

The VileCraw is a plastic that can be utilized for flipping on it's own, or as a jig trailer. There are an infinite amount of options for this style of bass bait on the market, but BioSpawn has succeeded in revolutionizing it. It has a patented ridge design that causes lifelike movement in the water. Between the two distinctive paddles is a third antennae appendage, which adds another unique element. VileCraws also come with a redesigned hook slot. This slot makes the bait virtually snag proof, and improves hooking ratios.

Big bass have been munching at this bait like crazy since it's release. Throw it on your favorite football jig the next time you're out on the water!

3. PlasmaTail

Courtesy of BioSpawn

Last, but not least, is the PlasmaTail. These finesse worms are my personal favorite out of the bunch. They are the perfect drop shot bait, and are excellent at catching smallmouth bass hanging around deep rock piles.

One of the key features with this bait is their neutral buoyancy. This allows them to dangle at a perfectly horizontal level in the water. The slightest rod twitch will cause it's slender tail to quiver, and wiggle the highlighted tip. When a bass sees this, it can't resist such an easy meal.

When the fishing gets tough I know I can count on BioSpawn to work. The 6.5 inch PlasmaTail has caught more fish for me this year than any other bait. - Gene Jensen, the Flukemaster

Spawn of a New Era

BioSpawn originated when two fishing buddies saw an opportunity in the market for a newer, edgier brand. After realizing that soft plastics are created from low heat resin, they believed that they could test their new designs quickly and cost effectively. Only taking days, not weeks, to develop their lures.

Bass baits come in many shapes and sizes. With today's technology, many companies are constantly tweaking and improving upon proven techniques. BioSpawn has made a big splash in a short amount of time, and is setting the bar high for other soft plastic brands.

Courtesy of BioSpawn. Jarid Tomnitz with a largemouth bass on a PlasmaTail worm.

Did you like what you read and want to try these lures out for yourself? You can view the full line of plastics and their assorted colors here.

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Gear Review: BioSpawn Genetically Engineered Baits