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Customize Your Lures with the Ingenious JigSkinz Sleeves

Here's a slick new way to instantly change color, sheen, and scale pattern on all your favorite fishing baits.

Anglers are constantly searching for that 'hot bait' - the one that is guaranteed to get the attention of fish on all our favorite lakes. Purchasing lures in every color scheme or scale pattern can be a costly endeavor, however, and really isn't feasible. Enter JigSkinz - a new product on the market that makes customizing baits as easy as 1-2-3.

JigSkinz are shrinkable plastic sleeves that allow you to apply a new color, new finish, or simply protect your existing lures. JigSkinz shrink up to 75 percent in circumference, and will conform and fit almost any shape or size of hard bait in your box.

Here's how they work:

It doesn't get much easier than that, does it? What a slick new way to instantly transform any of your baits to a hot new color or scale pattern.


We're looking forward to giving JigSkinz a go this season. They all look incredibly lifelike!

For more information on JigSkinz, go HERE.

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Customize Your Lures with the Ingenious JigSkinz Sleeves