Should You Invest in More Shad-Colored Crank Baits?

These bass are bloodthirsty for shad meat.

I'm surprised that the videographer in this clip didn't lose a finger. Watch as he dangles their favorite food inches above the water, like a lion tamer serving up a flank steak.

Even the blind bass viciously gobbled up the bait. This footage displays why the majority of all crank baits come in shad patterned designs. Bass of all species love them, and they make up a huge portion of their diet.

Sometimes, up here in the north country, we might get too focused on crawfish as the main forage. Lots of reds and oranges fill out our crank bait boxes. This just serves as a reminder that those blue, black, and silver shad patterns are just as important! Each body of water is different though, so keep switching it up until the bass tell you what they want.

If only real fishing was as simple as this hand-fisherman's technique.